Factors affecting Toronto house prices in the new year

Looking forward into 2022, Daisy Huang summarizes into four “unchanged” and one “uncertainty”. The four “unchanged” are:
1. Inflation expectations remain unchanged.
2. Canada’s immigration policy remains unchanged.
3. The situation of “demand exceeds supply” remains unchanged.
4. The trend of coexistence with Covid remains unchanged.
5. The “uncertainty” mentioned by Daisy Huang above mainly refers to the uncertainty of interest rate hike expectations and the effect of interest rate hikes. A cool-off period for consolidation and price re-confirmation is essential to the market’s long-term health. Based on the historical trajectory of the past two decades, a healthy average annual housing price in Canada, excluding inflation, is around 6%. [Factors affecting Toronto house prices in the new year]. [Home Buying Strategy for 2022 – Toronto Housing Market Report & Outlook]_Daisy Huang_Top real estate broker & expert professional agent
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