GTA top1% real estate agent Daisy Huang presents【Fly-over heatmap analysis of detached house prices in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) for the year of 2023】

【Fly-over heatmap analysis of detached house prices in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) for the year of 2023】【2024 Greater Toronto Area Detached House New Year’s List】
– In 2023, the average price of detached houses in the Greater Toronto Area was $1.46 million, with an annual decline of 5.3%.
– The heatmap shows that the darker the color, the smaller the decline in prices, while lighter colors indicate larger declines. It can be observed that the outlying areas of the GTA experienced more significant declines in detached house prices in 2023 compared to the core GTA areas.
– In terms of prices, Toronto Central, King City, and Oakville topped the list for detached house prices. The average transaction prices were $2.56 million, $2.26 million, and $2.02 million respectively.
– In the 2023 quadrant graph for detached houses, the horizontal axis represents the average transaction price, the vertical axis represents the annual change in price, and the size of the circles represents the transaction volume. It’s quite evident from the graph that the lower-priced towns experienced larger price drops for detached houses, while the higher-priced towns tended to retain their value better.
– In 2023, Richmond Hill, Markham, and Vaughan experienced the smallest declines in detached house prices, with Richmond Hill remaining almost unchanged, experiencing only a marginal decrease of 0.1%. Markham and Vaughan both saw declines of 3.3%. The largest decrease in detached house prices in the GTA occurred in the northeastern town of Brock, with an average annual decline of 16%. In terms of transaction volume, Brampton, where the majority of residents are of Indian descent, had the highest transaction volume for detached houses in 2023, with an average price of $1.23 million and an annual decrease of 11%.
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